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Our clients don’t consider us “a business expense” but rather an investment in the success of their respective businesses.
Wayne N. Reeves, Founder

Accounting to Make Your Business Prosper—Legally.


Educating and Empowering YOU, Our Client

Most accounting firms are regarded as a “black box” that delivers advice and documents (tax returns) about which you have no idea.

At Holistic Wealth Tactics, we take a different approach—we want you to understand how to implement our advice and what the documents we provide mean for you and your business.

We believe knowledge that you acquire from us empowers you to be a successful entrepreneur.


Personal, One-on-One Service

Our #1 focus in serving you is to ensure that you know and feel we are “on your side” as you confront the daunting, difficult business environment.

We are very much committed to your success as a unique individual with specific challenges and ideas.

As seasoned professionals, we are very good communicators, putting into words that you clearly understand what needs to be done for you to maximize profits, save on your taxes, and reach your financial and estate planning goals.


Professional Quality, “Small Town” Rates

We have all worked in Big Cities, charging high professional fees for our services due to the cost of doing business.

Holistic Wealth Tactics professionals prefer to work in a small town, realizing that, here, high fees are not conducive to being a functioning, thriving member of our community.

That way, in retaining us as your Accountants, you will receive the Professional Quality of a “big city” Accountant, but at a “small-town rate.”


How We Help Real Estate Agents Save on Their Taxes

As a serious Real Estate Agent, you should never operate your business as a sole proprietorship because there is no limit to liability and tax rates are higher.

You need a set of Financial Statements. This includes an Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement, both for your taxes and for financing your deals.

Your entries into your Financial Records should be supported by original source documentation you organize into workpaper files.

No worries! Holistic Wealth Tactics accountants can take the stress out of keeping records.


How We Help Real Estate Investors Save on Their Taxes

Your investment into knowledgeable and wise Tax Counsel is well worth it, given what you’ll save in Income Taxes.

Keeping detailed records of improvement expenditures made to your properties saves you significant taxes, for both depreciation deductions and capital gains taxes.

Analyzing the several tax-saving options with your Tax Counsel as to how you buy, sell and operate your properties is a must. Holistic Wealth Tactics professionals have advised Real Estate Investors with expert Tax Counseling for over 20 years!


Strategic Business Planning

Gaining a comprehensive view of your business with a knowledgeable experienced CPA—especially in light of your personal financial goals—captures tax planning opportunities, opens to you previously-unknown profitable avenues, and provides a wise foundation for your estate planning.

Your business’ tax and legal environment, as well as your family situation, are ever changing. A knowledgeable CPA will apprise you of those vital changes needed to empower you to stay on course to reach your financial and family goals.

If you are seeking success for your business, then Strategic Business Planning with a wise and experienced CPA is a must—both in the short-term and over the long haul.


Business Compliance Services

You will be on the firing line when you seek help with the Beneficial Ownership Interest (“BOI”) filings required to comply with the Corporate Transparency Act starting now in 2024. We can help you comply with this reporting requirement so you avoid stiff penalties imposed by the Treasury Department.

If you fail to keep other compliance requirements for your business, such failures will cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and harassment from government agencies.

Often, your compliance with the requirements of NGOs will be an excellent point in marketing your business.


How to Save on Your Taxes

A seasoned, qualified Professional must closely scrutinize your tax returns, looking for tax-saving deductions as well as strategies that you’ve missed.

Sharing your business and financial goals and plans with your Tax Professional enables him or her to see how to maximize your tax savings.

Your Tax Professional must be smart and experienced enough to “think outside the box” to find strategies and deductions that will save you in taxes, but are still within the “what’s-legal box.”


What Works for the IRS (and What Doesn’t)

If you file a Tax Return showing large income and many large deductions, netting down to a low taxable income amount, you are nearly assured of an IRS Audit.

Filing a Tax Return with “strange large deductions,” which are disproportionate to the income and other “normal deductions,”is a guarantee that an IRS Audit will be coming your way.

A “frivolous position” that deceived taxpayers take with respect to filing returns (business and personal) and paying tax with the IRS, results in the IRS applying a very aggressive and painful response, with no legal courts in the United States to protect those taxpayers.

We All Need Strategies to Achieve What We Want Most.

Includes true stories of ways in which these strategies impacted people’s businesses and lives in important and positive ways.

Real Life
Success Stories

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Working smarter, not longer and harder is THE KEY.

We must do what works for you–and for the government.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

A true professional raises the bar by making sure all the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed.

Informative Articles on Changing Business Landscapes

Keeping you current is important so you face no surprises.

About Me

I am Wayne Reeves, MAcc–Specialty Federal Taxation. I Help You Achieve Financial Security.

  • 44-years’ experience counseling small businesses
  • Master’s Degree, Accounting, Specialty Federal Tax, from BYU
  • Long track record of satisfied, happy clients

Share with me how we can work together to elevate your business to success. I am interested. Our first phone call is free.

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