Avoid Costly Surprises on April 15 When Taxes are Due


Wayne Reeves CPA

Wayne Reeves, CPA

Update to the 2023 News Release below: If you implement intelligent tax-reduction strategies, you need as much of the year as possible to save yourself significant tax liability come next April 15. Yes, you can “rush around” at the last minute on or before December 31 and come up with a few deductions to reduce what you owe on April 15. We advise you to take a longer-term view, looking at the entire year as to what you can do, and even better if you have an effective, workable tax strategy over many years. That’s why you, as a savvy business owner, pays close attention to what you’re required to pay to the Government each year. If you make strong efforts to minimize your income taxes legally, you are doing an important task that is part of running a successful business.

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December Tax Planning Helps

Avoid Costly Surprises on April 15 When Tax Returns Are Due

PAYSON, Ariz. (Dec. 11, 2023) Taxpayers still have time to reduce their 2023 taxes, if they act quickly, according to Wayne Reeves, a CPA for 43 years and President of Coronado Accounting Experts LLC.

“Any deductions that are taken right up to the last minute on Dec. 31 are legal tax deductions in 2023,” says Reeves. “Pushing these deductions ahead to 2024 simply increases your taxes this year and can cause serious heartburn when you see your tax bill April 15.”

“Fortunately, you still have time to maximize this year’s deductions by doing December tax planning,” he advises. A well-designed plan will help you save for tax-day so you have the money you need when your taxes are due.

Reeves has written “Nine Disasters You Face When You Don’t File Your Tax Return with the I.R.S.” To receive a free copy by mail, call 928-474-0011 or email info@coronadoaccounting.com.

Wayne Reeves is a CPA and holds a Masters in Accountancy from BYU.

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