“I have worked with Wayne Reeves as my Federal Taxation Specialist for the past 41 years. I am in the Real Estate Development business as well as putting together financial structures and investments to benefit my clients.

Wayne has proven intensely intelligent in searching out and finding workable and legal strategies as provided by both business laws and tax laws. His penchant for finding legal and practical ways to solve my problems has added to my income and to the value of my business.

I now have him as the head legal and tax law architect of a business I have established known as “Wealth Retention Strategies,” which is designed to save owners who are selling their businesses 99% of the capital gains tax LEGALLY. Such owners can also garner a significant charitable deduction.

I have Wayne on all my business and ZOOM calls answering the many tax questions that are put to us. He provides straightforward and practical solutions explaining such in regular layman’s terms, tying into my clients’ immediate needs. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to find a better tax-savings strategy.”


“I have known Wayne Reeves for 35 years, and we developed a professional relationship in the late ‘80s. Wayne has amazing memory skills and recall, and his knowledge of tax law and tax cases has truly been an invaluable resource for me with my tax practice. He is a great colleague and associate as a frequent point of reference for accounting and tax questions that I have sought in providing effective and useful service to my clients.

Wayne’s brilliance in understanding and explaining complex accounting and business problems makes him one of my favorite colleagues to seek out when looking for more options. He is fun to work with and gets to the heart of the matter in short order, giving me useable advice that I can immediately apply. Aside from his technical expertise, he also has a very impressive command of several other languages.

I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone seeking to contract with him or employ him for their financial and accounting advice needs.


“I have known Wayne Reeves for nearly 20 years, both as an individual and as my Federal Taxation Specialist. Wayne is very competent, knows accounting and tax very well, and is easy to talk to. He has helped my husband and me a great deal in structuring our financial affairs. He was also instrumental in my son’s success in achieving a factual and accurate financial accounting for the court that required forensic accounting during his extremely complicated, difficult, and lengthy divorce.

For many years I was the personal financial manager for a very wealthy California landlord. Many times, Wayne gave me very valuable advice that greatly assisted me in working as a financial manager. He is very ethical and I trust him without question, as time and again he has proven that he has my best interest at heart. I recommend him without hesitation to any company or person seeking accounting, tax and financial advice.”


“We met with Wayne Reeves, owner of Holistic Wealth Tactics approximately one year ago. We interviewed Wayne to do the bookkeeping and two years’ income taxes for personal and business. After discussing our accounting needs and what we needed to get accomplished in a respectively short period of time, and PenCo Real Estate LLC decided to hire his firm.

Wayne was very professional, helpful, and eager to tackle an involved transaction. His background of experience was obvious – it is vast and extremely knowledgeable! We have been very happy with Holistic Wealth Tactics and would recommend their services to anyone, especially those with sophisticated and involved needs.”


“Two years ago my business partner and I met Wayne Reeves as we sought to establish our business. Wayne proved to be an invaluable addition to our management team, giving us practical, down-to-earth advice to organize and operate our business going forward.

“Wayne proved to be knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and full of the integrity that my partner and I greatly value. I would strongly recommend him and his expertise to any business seeking to find better ways to organize and operate profitably.”


“Wayne Reeves’ knowledge of the tax codes and rules exceed those of most people I’ve ever met. Mr. Reeves exudes a confidence and sincerity while working with people and listens well about why some folks may be disgruntled with the current tax issues.

He works diligently with clients and is forthright in making certain the clients understand him, and the meaning of what he talked about. He is forthright, honest, and has integrity. Wayne would make a great match for anyone to have on their team.”


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