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“Intelligent planning and strategizing are KEY to achieving the life you want. That life is wrapped around your business, which includes business projections, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning and contingencies for unexpected events.

You need to know “the lay of the land” in finding business success. Do you want a federal taxation specialist with 44 years of experience on your team, advising you to make that happen? Here I am. Waiting, willing and prepared to help you find that success…

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You as a Real Estate Agent

Are you in the “feast or famine” business cycle of running your real estate business? When you sell the listed property, you receive a large commission. You prosper for a little while, you pay off delinquent bills, give yourself a kind of “bonus” and you breathe a sigh of relief.

Come April 15, you are staring at a large tax bill and you don’t have the cash to pay the tax, which consists of federal, state and social security income taxes. You’ve done NO tax planning to legally reduce what you owe. Painfully, you are now grappling with chaos and confusion in your business and personal finances.

What is your solution to this annual “madness”? If you take your business seriously, your solution is challenging, but you must take care of “business”. You plan your business and personal budget; you ensure you pay all your business and personal bills timely. You make provision throughout the year, to pay a minimum for income taxes, your tax planning with our professional guidance having accomplished that goal.

You encounter no “surprises.” You know what is coming to meet your financial and tax obligations. Besides those considerations, you should be setting aside money for building a pension fund for your retirement. You can use your pension fund to make lucrative real estate investments, opportunities that you run across from time to time. (You’ve got the cash to make that immediate investment!) You know you need to follow this financial and tax planning program. It is what you need as the smart real estate agent you are. Let us help you build your real estate business into the successful, prosperous operation you can be proud of. We can help you accomplish these objectives applying our expertise to your individual situation.

Construction Contractors

You work hard to acquire and complete your contracts. Usually, work is finished on a percentage-of-completion basis, i.e. you take “draws” against what’s explained in the contract.

What’s your challenge now? Answer: You need to match your cash coming in to cash going out. If you have a mismatch, then you have a cash crunch with the usual chaos that comes. You can overcome this challenge by enacting a budget uniquely planned for your business.

Then comes tax time, when you have to consider how you account for what you’ve earned and received in the way of cash to your tax situation. Have you ever considered electing a different method of accounting for tax purposes as in completed contract method? Or accrual method as possibly saving you taxes over the cash method?

What about the equipment you purchase? Is there a more tax-efficient way to purchase such equipment that gives you a bigger and more immediate write-off?

Have you ever considered getting a bank line-of-credit or using outside investors to finance your equipment purchases, thus increasing your cash flow?

These are all questions we can explore together as we search for better strategies in helping you achieve a larger AFTER-TAX bottom line.

Complicated Business Structures to Accomplish Certain Objectives

You have many financial and family objectives when you are running your business.

  • What are the best structures for your children inheriting your business?
  • What is the most tax-efficient way to pay for your children’s college?
  • How do you sell your business so you can retire?
  • How do you deal with your aging parents financially, so as to minimize your and their tax burden and accomplish your financial and family objectives?
  • How do you minimize your exposure from unwanted and vexatious lawsuits against your business?
  • How do you structure the ownership of your assets to avoid the federal estate tax?
  • Are there ways you can legally avoid the capital gains tax?

We can look at your overall business structure and together explore how you can save significant taxes, minimize your legal exposure, and accomplish your financial and family objectives, giving you and your family peace of mind.

You as a Real Estate Investor

You’ve wisely invested in real estate. You are operating several rental properties, giving you decent cash flow. Are you aware of strategies to maximize your yearly tax benefits from your real estate? When you go to sell your real estate, are there strategies to minimize your capital gains bite and put significant cash in your pocket?

The answer to you for both questions is a resounding yes! But all tax strategies that you might use are unique to your individual situation, which is why you need a highly educated and trained professional looking at your situation and discussing it with you.

With 40 plus years of experience in real estate investing, we know how these strategies can benefit you and how to implement them. Let’s review your situation together and see what we can come up with to put more dollars in your pocket.

Truckers & Trucking Firms

You are missing so many tax deductions in running your trucking business. You are paying too much in taxes. You are not aware of what those deductions are. Also, you don’t have a simple, cost-effective, efficient accounting system that captures all those deductions. We can fix that. Also, you’re not managing your cash flow. You need a realistic budget of what’s coming in and what you need to pay out, to make sure you have sufficient cash to keep your business going.

Getting a line-of-credit from a bank helps you over those momentary cash crunches, your business moving forward smoothly, you making good money. Investors buying your equipment and leasing it to you as a tax shelter for them is a good way to raise capital for your business, increasing your cash flow. Such a strategy also takes you off of the hook for any obligation to the bank.

Let us help you put together a realistic strategy to run your trucking company, giving you the confidence you need to go forward and find success.

Testifying in Court for My Clients

A lawsuit against you usually involves some amount of money you have to pay. Likewise, if you are suing, you need an expert to testify as to your actual monetary damages and present working papers proving those damages. You also need to know if you can get paid if you get a judgment against the respondent. We as experienced accountants can audit your finances or the finances of the person you are suing to advise you of your realistic options.

Working Through a Divorce – Division of Assets, Ascertaining Child Support & Alimony

What is your annual or monthly income? What do you own and what are your debts? When deciding your obligations in your divorce, the court and the attorneys want to nail down your financial information. We accomplish this for you. We testify as licensed professionals to your financial status.

Decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life are based on your presentation of your financial information. There must be a strong level of trust in your presentations. We provide that.

Additionally, we help you plan how the division of what you own, what you owe and your monthly income can be structured so as to minimize your tax burden. With our help, the bulk of your “sticky,” contentious financial issues can most likely be settled or reduced to those few points you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on, greatly reducing your lawyer expense and time to wrap up your divorce.

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