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At the end of the day, you may think what matters is how much cash you put in your pocket, generated by your business. But your business is far more than just cash flow. Going forward, what are the future prospects of your business? Are you growing, falling apart, or just barely surviving? You may be so busy with serving your clients or customers, that you neglect to take care of your business. You are working progressively harder for less and less and you have no idea why.

The key is not hard work and more work; the key is working smarter. This is where you need a federal taxation specialist who knows what is required for success and how to make these requirements come alive for you–

  • Business planning
  • Tax planning
  • Eliminating activities and expenses outside of the plans and staying focused on no more than three (3) goals, and then
  • Tracking your business’s progress toward those goals.

Finally, a feeling of success engulfs your business, a sense of excitement as you work specifically to achieve your goals. This is what I excel at doing.

Why do I do this? Because I passionately believe that each business that is based on a solid foundation, and developed with strategic wisdom, deserves to thrive and bring satisfaction and financial success to its owners.


Confidence comes from prior successes. It also comes when you prepare yourself for success. You know you’re going to succeed. You “feel” it in your bones. You and I outline a realistic nuts-and-bolts plan, knowing the outcome well in advance. We see a vision of your future success. We are connected to that vision. And as we implement this plan, the vision becomes reality, bringing with the fulfillment of this plan and vision a kind of satisfaction that only successful business entrepreneurs can experience. This process inspires confidence in you, the kind of confidence that breeds your success.


Leadership is implementing your plan or vision in such a way that you inspire others on your team, which includes family, co-workers, suppliers and clients or customers, to work with you to make your vision or plan a reality. Leadership requires that we take the middle road, considering all aspects of what goes into making our plan successful. As your CPA Accountant, I will hold myself and you also “accountable” for results, tracking those results, knowing that if you produce results towards your goals from day to day, at the end of the year, you will have arrived at accomplishing your goals.

Wayne Reeves CPA

I am a different kind of federal taxation specialist. How so? I am a very, warm, personable accountant, who teaches his clients what to do to be successful in their businesses. Tax compliance is important. Tax planning empowers you to legally minimize your obligation to the federal and state governments. Looking at all the angles as we together approach problems, challenges and opportunities. I am very bright, thinking outside the box as to solutions that will work for you. Let’s work together to maximize your financial success!

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